Don’t Let Your SEO Services for Doctors be Ruined by Spam Reviews

Local SEO for medical doctorsAre you using seo services for doctors to bring your website up, but are having trouble with your Google Maps listing? This is not a unique problem to be faced with. After all, in most cases only 3 businesses will show up on Google Maps. That’s why your competition may resort to review spam to knock your listing off of Google Maps. That’s unfortunate because your seo agency is working hard behind the scenes to help your listing show up. They do that by building citations out for you. This takes time and money and in most cases, this is just what’s need to boost your listing up.

However, not all seo agencies are ethical. Some of them will see your listing, and not wonder how to get above it with hard work. Instead, they’ll use black hat methods to take it down. They’ll go on a freelance site and pay people to post fake negative reviews on your listing. They might also use a service to get the job done. Their intention is to trash your listing. This is unscrupulous and you should not work with a seo agency that wants to do that on your behalf.

The good thing is, there are ways for you to combat it. Read the rest of this blog post to get the upper hand in this matter.

How to Tell if They’re Spam Reviews

This is usually the easy part, because most spam reviews share a few things in common. They’re usually written poorly, sound over the top ridiculous, and you’re fairly certain that you never worked with them. You can also take a look at how else they wrote reviews for. In most cases their profile shows all negative reviews. In other cases, their profile will show positive reviews on your competitor’s listing and negative reviews on your listings. Sometimes their profile only show one review, and that’s the negative one on your listing. It doesn’t take a seo consultant to tell that these reviews are from a spammer.

How to Stop Spam Reviews from Messing Up Your SEO Efforts for Doctors

If you’re fairly certain that a negative review is spam, it’s time to fight it. After all, you’re paying for seo services for your doctor’s office, don’t let it go to waste. Take the time to politely respond to these spam reviews. Your customers are going to read them, so let them see your response. Be professional, and avoid abusive language. Simply state that you’ve never worked with this reviewer and that this a spam review and doesn’t truly reflect the level of service you offer. You can then use the rest of your response to toot your own horn and tell everyone what they can expect from you. The next step is to report the review to Google. You can also call their customer service line to get more attention from them and let them know that this not a real review and that you want it taken down immediately.
After you do all of that, work hard to get more positive reviews up on your listing. Don’t let the underhanded methods of your competition stop you from being at the top. That’s what they want, but it’s up to you to disappoint them.